Cornell is a global leader in sustainability and climate change research, teaching and engagement. Our campuses are living laboratories for developing, testing and implementing solutions that address these most challenging issues.

Research and engagement

student walking on the farm
Dilmun Hill Student Farm celebrates 20 years

This student farm produces organically grown vegetables for its community-supported agriculture program and on-campus restaurants.

Creating real-world solutions on campus and beyond

Learn what sustainability means at Cornell University.

thousands of large sunflower sea stars congregate on a subtidal rock in the Salish Sea
After sunflower sea star demise, tragedy mounts

Researchers study marine ecosystem devastation caused by a disease that led to the disappearance of once-abundant sunflower sea stars.

illustration of a city skyline
Changing how cities use their energy data

Maalka, a new building performance technology company, seeks to change how cities use their energy data