Cornell is a global leader in sustainability and climate change research, teaching and engagement. Our campuses are living laboratories for developing, testing and implementing solutions that address these most challenging issues.

Research and engagement

Kyle Lancaster and Avery Vilbert examine a thin vial of cytochrome P460
New findings on greenhouse gas production

Researchers have discovered a biological mechanism that helps convert nitrogen-based fertilizer into ozone-depleting nitrous oxide.

Creating real-world solutions on campus and beyond

Learn what sustainability means at Cornell University.

Ying Hua, Assistant Professor in DEA, discussing diversity dashboard research with her two student assistants
Cornell earns STARS Gold rating for sustainability

Ranking third in diversity and affordability, Cornell remains a top performer in the 2016 Sustainable Campus Index.

Researchers tag a leatherback sea turtle with a transmitter on a rainy nesting beach
Natural nomads, leatherback turtles opt to stay put

Understanding this new behavior could assist scientists in helping boost and protect the turtle population.